Year of the Tiger Running Art

Even though we are well into the Lunar New Year, I would like to share this story about an amazing Strava Running Art above celebrating the year of the Tiger, I first thought that the most amazing thing was that the runner mapped out a run to produce a beautifully detailed tiger along his path. John and I are both members of Strava, but our runs and rides don’t produce anything like this and what he and others have done through Strava path art.  I think that the most amazing thing is that if you go to the actual Strava link to the run, you can see that Lenny Maughan ran more than 95 miles in more than 21 hours through almost 9,000 feet of climb to create this!  My legs get sore when I just think about that.

The article from Running Magazine has other examples of  his artwork and describes his work process.  It also has an animation of his run accompanied by music and showing elevation changes.  Check it out!
(h/t:  akj)

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