“38 At the Garden” – A Community Conversation with Jeremy Lin

Ten years after Linsanity, Frank Chi has created 38 At the Garden. The title is a reference to NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin scoring 38 points against Kobe Bryant’s LA Lakers.

The upcoming documentary, which will be premiering this June 12th at the Tribeca Film Festival, conveys what Jeremy Lin and Linsanity meant to Asian Americans, exploring Asian American sterotypes, Lin breaking an Asian American stereotype, and how stereotypes are used against Asian Americans, especially in the age of Asian hate crimes, or as stated in its IMDB entry:

Follows the cultural impact of NBA trailblazer Jeremy Lin during his 2011-12 season with the New York Knicks and the cultural phenomenon known as ‘Linsanity'”

With the impending documentary premiering, Jeremy Lin and the filmmakers held a community event to discuss what Linsanity meant as well as some community member leaders that have been beneficiaries of Jeremy Lin’s foundation. Some of the recepients of the foundation were also in attendance at the event.

The audience only got to see a five minute clip of the documentary which the producers asked not to videotape because the film had not premiered yet. I’m looking forward to streaming or seeing the documentary in person. If you want to relive Linsanity now, there’s always the original documentary highlighting Lin’s path to the NBA and the outbreak of Linsanity.

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