Ms Marvel Episode 5 Review: Time and Again (Major Spoilers)

The Wife and I anxiously awaited  Ms Marvel episode 5 and found most of it enthralling and even informative.  Overall I thought it was worth watching, althoughI thought that this episode had some problems in my opinion. Major spoilers to follow after the jump.

Episode 4 left Kamala somehow transported to the time of the Partition of India.  The main part of this episode focused on Kamala’s great grandmother Aisha before and during that time. Episode 5 started with a period newsreel talking about the events of the Partition, exposition but necessary for those like myself not familiar with the event. I thought it was well done, visually striking, and served its purpose of exposition without being too heavyhanded.

As I mentioned, most of the episode was filled with the story of Aisha and her family and not with any kind of superhero action.  As with most of this series, I found the parts that focused on family to be the best parts.  Mehwish Hayat and Fawad Khan, who play Aisha and Kamala’s great grandfather Hasan respectively, make a good looking couple that I wanted to see more of. The story of their life leading up to partition was sad yet moving.

I did have a number of problems with the episode.  The superhero action seemed rushed. I had to replay the ending a couple of times to figure out what Najma did to preserve a life for her son Kamran who she seemingly abandoned.  Also, we missed a lot  about Aisha.  In the previous episode, Waleed said that her adventures were legendary, but we didn’t see anything until the end that was really legendary.  When and where did she do those things?  Also, while I like the focus on family, I was surprised that Kamala’s mom Muneeba was not extremely upset that as the “Light Girl,” Kamala brought the Department of Damage Control to surveil and search their mosque.

Despite those problems, I thought that overall, the episode was good. The Wife and are still hooked and anxious to see how it ends.  The last episode of Ms Marvel airs on July 13 on Disney+.

(photo credit Superbenjamin via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license)

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