A Conversation with Boston Mayor Michelle Wu with SF City Attorney David Chiu

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu was in San Francisco recently during APEC 2023 to attend the California Asian Leadership Network of Elected and Appointed Officials (CALNET) 2023 leadership retreat. As a Taiwanese American born and raised in Western Massachusetts, I’ve been a big fan of Michelle’s ever since she got elected to Boston city council and an even bigger fan when she was elected Mayor of Boston (as the first woman, first person of color, first Asian American elected as mayor of Boston) back in 2021.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu

During Michelle’s brief visit, San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu hosted a conversation with Michelle in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Michelle talked about her path to becoming Mayor of Boston and answered audience questions.

Crowd at Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu at China Live in Chinatown San Francisco

I had the fortunate opportunity to visit at a smaller prior event hosted by APIAVote’s ‘SF Taste of Democracy Briefing & Reception.’

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and I

I expressed how much of a big fan I was of her and especially appreciated her openness about being a caregiver to her mother who had suffered from mental illness – something that the Asian American community is not so open to discuss and something that I can relate to.

Michelle is half-way through her term and will be running for re-election in 2025. I hope Michelle does get re-elected and  runs for higher office in 2029!


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