8Books Review: I Hope This Doesn’t Find You by Ann Liang

With strong reverse All the Boys vibes, Ann Liang’s latest novel I Hope This Doesn’t Find You is a classic enemies to lovers tale set within the mean, competitive hallways of high school. Sadie Wen is a perfectionist — school captain, valedictorian, always striving to be the best. But that doesn’t mean she takes everything lying down. No, she’s got an entire drafts folder full of angry emails to all the people who have wronged her. Top of the list is her co-captain Julius Gong who seems to always be trying to one-up her, in class, at social events, everything.

But one day, years of emails and pent-up frustrations are sent and Sadie’s life is turned upside down. I Hope This Doesn’t Find You nestles in at the intersections of self expectations and family expectations, the tangle of best friends, gossip, high school trips, and athletic competitions. It’s a heady mix that makes for a page-turning read, because Sadie isn’t the only one who’s got issues…

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