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Eking out a living riding a bus: Asian American Seniors in New York

In the Asian ethnoburb where I live, one sees three kinds of buses.  One kind is the Santa Clara Valley Transit public transportation bus, and another is the kind is the tech bus, as white Google buses pick people up … Continue reading

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Will San Jose Balance its budget on the backs of Asian-American Gamblers?

(Flickr photo credit: tobyleah) One of the ways that San Jose is dealing with an upcoming budget deficit is Proposition K.  Proposition K proposes to the voters that the two card clubs in San Jose, Bay 101 (pictured) and Garden … Continue reading

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Luck Runs Out For Gambling Chinese Officials

Gambling is illegal in China, but not in Macao, where apparently many Chinese officials have been taking jaunts to gamble embezzled government money. These gambling trips have apparently cost Chinese officials an average of $2.7 million dollars each in a … Continue reading

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