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  • alienation

    This is a great thread!

    I grew up eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. My family would make an effort to get it in East L.A., over by the King Cole Pizza. It was way better than the Kentucky Fried over in MPK and up in SG. I don’t know why, but it was. What’s racist is that you don’t have some Chicanos and J-As eating the old style fried chicken in the varrio.

    What’s also racist is that the one in Monterey Park started to suck, and eventually closed down. Some quality control would have kept that shit alive.

    Also, what’s really racist is that Colonel Sanders is white. Or more to the point, there have been little black-owned chicken restaurants, and fried chicken is soul food, but, the man who made a fortune on this soul food, often by selling to the black community, was a white man. That is racism and capitalism in action. together. Colonel Sanders is the Elvis Presley of chicken. He’s a hero to most, but he doesn’t mean shit to me anymore (to paraphrase Chuck D).

    I’m now a vegetarian and denounce KFC and their poultry holocaust. They grow these chickens in pens, cut off their beaks, and then kill them by shocking them in electrified water baths. The mass murder of fowl must be stopped, whether grilled or batter fried with 11 herbs and spices.

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  • spectrum184

    Oh shit the white guys are wearing suits. Why are they promoting the stereotype that white men are successful? Damn them.

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