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    Great post, Mitsuru. I can relate with the last bit. I want to thank 8Asians.com for having such diverse guest writers and for welcoming and sharing often unheard voices within the AA community. *thumbs up!*

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    Mitsuru: thanks for the post and hope you become a regular poster for 8Asians!

    i think there is that mistaken belief that being queer or LGBT is being white, especially by people (especially of color) who aren’t aware of how different sexualities and genders existed precolonial/pre-Christian times, and it wasn’t a big deal. personally, i’m proud of being queer and Filipino and refuse to make any “choices” among my gender, sexuality and cultural background, even if i am a relatively boring gay-identified bio-boy who’s also Filipino American.

    it kinda annoys me that he’s calling himself a “pregnant man” since it seems that he’s milking the supposed weirdness of it all (i guess since most people aren’t used to seeing transmen, much less ones who decide to become pregnant), but if anything it shows that there are many different ways to show that gender isn’t just strictly male or female. i had no idea that he was mixed either.

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    Read this!

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