• http://www.orientalsharpton.com/ tiennguyen

    “To which I say: it’ll be an embarrassment, sure, but not to us. This will be an embarrassment to cast members of a reality show who auditioned for a K-Town reality series, knowing full well that they were being filmed for a show that involves drinking and fighting. ”

    Certainly Jersey Shore was almost certainly an embarrassment to the Italians I know,I couldn’t tell you how often my Italian friend got fist pumped every time someone saw them.

  • DinoRay

    Is it bad that I am just morbidly curious about this whole ordeal? It’s just wonderfully wrong.

  • http://hellomoye.com/ moye

    I know. I want to be best friends with this blond Asian girl….so she can bleach my hair blond and we can be blond twins.

  • johnklin

    Awesome! There goes the “Model Minority” stereotype – LOL. The tall woman in the middle is looking quite fine.

  • http://www.jozjozjoz.com jozjozjoz

    I’m taking bets on which two people within the cast will hook up with each other first. Actually, I’m also taking bets on which three or more people within the cast will hook up with each other. Is there an Asian math whiz in the house who can do the probabilities and number of variation of hookups that are possible considering there’s at least one bisexual person and that group sex is not out of the question?

  • DinoRay

    ME TOO! I also want to be friends with the one in the Justin Timberlake hat.

  • DinoRay

    I think it might be just a whole orgy of mess that will make quality and CLASSY television!

  • http://www.jozjozjoz.com jozjozjoz

    There’s a math equation for that, right?!

  • http://www.myspace.com/krantzstone Krantzstone

    Personally I don’t mind. Any portrayal that’s different from the traditional ‘model minority’ (or worse, ‘nerd’ stereotype) can only help to show we’re not all just scientists, classical musicians or martial arts experts. In any case, as these are (somewhat) real people, as opposed to cheesy stereotypical roles being played by actors, I’m happy to see Asians represented in the mass media, even if their all-too-human failings might be embarrassing. I’m actually kind of curious because I don’t really have many Asian friends and I didn’t grow up in that milieu of Asian-American/-Canadian culture so it might be educational for me as well. ;P That being said, I’m not sure that this one show would be enough to make me want to get cable again.

  • http://www.littleyellowdifferent.com ErnieAtLYD

    “That being said, I’m not sure that this one show would be enough to make me
    want to get cable again.”

    Thank goodness our people are masters at pirating television shows off the
    Internet, right? (Just kidding Tyrese, if you ever read this.)

  • csc3

    i already have my popcorns out.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ZEXGOXRQNRAP724NWRZ7POTR54 Blipblopblapbloobybloo

    Of course there has to be a bisexual asian guy. As if there isn’t enough gay asian man portrayal in the media (Top Chef, Work of Art, Survivor, E.R., Law & Order, George Takei’s marriage, gay asian officers in the military).

    Jersey Shore casted all heterosexual Italian males. Even though most were douchebags, at least they got their story told and became likeable to a lot of women.
    My prediction is that the gay asian guy won’t hook up with any girls. The girls will hook up with white guys. And the rest of the asian guys will hang out in the hot tub with each other and start considering going gay.

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  • http://twitter.com/kitkatgur1 Elizabeth Mou

    Here’s Scarlet Chan for ya – http://scarletchan.blogspot.com/?zx=1c8e1f9da1f7a076
    she was trying to get a professional job at a university a few months ago and now look where she is…
    such a whore

  • ch

    This new show just smacks of trying too hard to be different, and not being compelling enough at the same time to pioneer new roads in entertainment.

    Here’s the lesson for us Asians. We’re nerds. Even when we’re not doing characteristically nerdy things, we’re nerds relative to everyone else. Suck it up, deal with it, and laugh about it.

    Ya dweebs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Efren-Bose/758823141 Efren Bose

    I just wanna do the bisexual porn star. Sure he’s vapid, but he’s hot.

  • johnklin

    I just watched last night on cable / “On Demand” the premiere / first episode of Jersey Shore. If I were an Italian American, I think I would be offended. But to me, the show was fairly entertaining (in a sad, drive by a car accident and watch kind of way) and I was glad to finally know what all the fuss was all about.

    @Ernie – “Michael and Jenny Chau of Mountain View, California” – I hope these are fictitious Asian Americans you are talking about.

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