• chriscorning

    And that music in the trailer has got Maynard, so there’s another reason to think this could be great.

  • mwei

    Jason Statham liking them younger and younger these days? I guess the salvation for this one is he can’t have a shower scene with the leading lady. ^_~

    and I thought the meme was Asian girls are scary ass ghosts?

  • Takuma

    @mwei yeah, I thought so too… You know, hair over face. Creepy walking or crawling towards you or out of something…like a television. Either way I don’t see this movie as very interesting to me…

  • mwei

    @Takuma yeah, I was also going to post something on that earlier 8asians article about kungfu becoming more popular with white actors.

    the term “co-opted” comes to mind…

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