• APBrian17

    I’ve always wondered what kind of traffic do you guys get with these “Do Asians Have _____” articles? This is some funky search engine optimization you guys got going on. Then again, I’m guessing you guys get a lot of weird google searches that end up on 8A.

  • m_wei

    but Imelda Marcos did have soles

  • Sandra

    omg are those questions real because if so then the people asking them are dumber than stones. How can anyone think that a certain race of people do not have soles. If you believe in the concept of souls then surely you believe that everyone no matter what their race/gender or sexuality has a sole.

  • Dirkdiglar

    iirc, its just koreans and japanese that dont have souls, maybe a few chinese too

    Wow this article is old

  • lordblazer

    there are some ignorant motherfuckers in this world. xD

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