• zdrav

    This mouth-breather is a little too headed-to-nowhere to be truly offensive. From the way that he speaks โ€” not very intelligently โ€” it sounds like he’s destined for a lifetime of thankless hard labour down by the docks until his herniated disk forces him to retire early and vote Republican as a way to get back at all the minorities who stole the opportunities that he never chased after.


    I did find him to be surprisingly aware of the negative social stereotypes against Asian men, and how exactly society discriminates against Asian men. A racist rant like this is pretty solid evidence that yes, it is quite difficult to be an Asian men in America and yes, there is rampant discrimination against Asian men in America.

  • LTE2

    “and he doesnโ€™t find Asian women attractive”
    I want all men to feel this way, I hate competition, I even want Asian men to feel this way. Yea, I know it’s a self serving view but I have to go with what works best for me. Sorry. No, I’m not sorry.
    “Alexandra Wallace”
    When it comes to cell phones, I am 100% behind Andrea! For years I have been trying to develop the ability through thought waves to have cell phones melt in the user’s hand as they force me to listen to all their personal business. God, I really hate cell phones.
    I suppose if I was a bit more progressive I would say, hate the user, not the cell phone.
    “After all, the parodies were the best things to come out of the whole Alexandra Wallace debacle.”
    The parodies stunk.

    Now, there was a somewhat goofy guy from Vietnam (now living in America) who took another approach, he explained Asian family culture. In a heartfelt manner he explained why Asians do what they do and offered some wonderful insights. Sadly he altered his original video which caused a loss of effectiveness, but that was the best approach to Andrea’s impulsive rant I had seen, I complimented him on his video and approach.

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  • Offensive. Extremely offensive.

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  • Aishi Yupi

    Since YouTube took this down for hate speech, here’s a mirror of the video on LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=116_1362607657

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  • EastAsianNationalist

    Shrug. Slightly more offensive than the last girl, which wasn’t really offensive to begin with.

  • Anon

    I’m Asian, and I do find his video offensive. However, if I take the bullet points out of context and disregard his demeanor completely, it’s actually sort of funny and a few of those points (like about acting) actually have some truth.

  • I appreciate you for sharing the link. I’ve updated the post, thanks to you!

  • JolieMelodie

    You know Im trying to be tolerant of the ignorant because I tell myself that they have not been exposed to other people enough, but when you live in a diverse country and are 20+, and can even use the internet as a resource to educate yourself, you basically have no excuse. If America was homogeneous then I could kind of get the “they all look alike” thing, but that’s not the case. Oh and this is always their defense : it was a joke. When a certain Jenny wrote about why she would never date a certain type of guy she stated it was “a satire” or something soon after the backlash.

  • Chen

    Too bad, because most men find Asian women attractive. May the “competition” begin.

  • LTE2

    I couldn’t resist. I’m retired from the business. Asian women will have to work to preserve their virtue from someone other than I ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Charlix

    Racists are always come up with same answer.
    They post racist videos on the youtube and they
    get bunch of hate from ppl. They don’t think about
    what they’ve done, they just want to avoid
    the circumstance that they get many hatred comments
    from ppl. So selfish. Always say that supposed to
    be a joke… Alexandra Wallace and Sam Hendrickson.
    And also there is one girl who insulted African Americans
    and she uploaded another video that she also says that supposed
    to be a joke. Don’t take it seriously.
    Pfff joke my a$$! Eventhough it was a joke,
    nothing is going to change.
    We all know that you just want to be
    free from hatred without feeling of guilty.

  • Joseph

    There is rampant discrimination against Asian men but let’s not forget our sisters, who also face discrimination. I will say though that I’ve noticed a HUGE change and that we are smashing through these stereotypes, slowly but surely. And who do we have to thank for that? Obviously ourselves – if it weren’t for Asians writing for Asians, etc I don’t know where we’d be, central to this has been the continued influx of immigrants in more recent years and youtube, which has allowed us to basically circumvent the mainstream media, which is becoming less relevant as time goes on anyway.

  • Joseph

    I can kind of see the satire to it but I’m inclined to believe he was clearly out for his 15mins. Racist? Maybe. Idiot? Absolutely lol.

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