A comment to Lela Lee of Angry Little Asian Girl, by Min Jung Kim

EDITORS NOTE FROM JOZ: For background, over the weekend, Lela Lee of Angry Little Asian Girl posted this: Why the “Angry Asian Man” is pissing me off. Today, Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man responded: I AM BEING THREATENED WITH AN ANGRY ASIAN LAWSUIT.

Min Jung left the following comment on the original post, to which Lela did publicly respond (and which will be appended to the bottom of this post).


Hi Lela,

Min Jung here. We met once, jesus, way long ago. Years ago when I was writing for Koream Journal, Hyphen, or BananaMag or writing for IIstix.com or writing on my personal blog that started back in 1999.

First of all, I want to say, wow. I think it’s rather amazing that after so many years that the Angry Little Girls empire has been doing so well for you with so many books and merchandise. I think it’s great that you’ve managed to use your creative energies to really build out a brand for yourself. It’s no small effort.

And to his credit, Phil too, has worked immensely hard on producing content, scouring news, and advocating for the community. His site has been a mainstay source of great news for the Asian American community. (Sic – I forgot to mention 8asians, of course. My bad.)

Remember back in the mid to early 90s when there was a bunch of magazines that were glossy and sometimes silly and weren’t able to keep up with the blinding speed of the Internet? I’m talking about magazines like Yolk, A.Magazine, and Transpacific. As to be expected with print media, they eventually died with blogs gaining speed.

And I think the late 90s when blogging started picking up it was exciting and new. We were using Yahoo! Search directories, and webrings to find communities and circles for each other. Jesus, remember AsianAvenue.com? Or Xanga?

Did we all inspire each other because we were Asian and wanted to connect with each other and create content?

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Goh Nakamura’s Surrogate Valentine Review

Surrogate Valentine Trailer HD from goh nakamura on Vimeo.

Have you read enough already about Goh Nakamura from us fanboys and fangirls over at 8Asians? Then tough boned-choadmuffins if you feel so! (I don’t actually know what that means either but it sounded good in my head at the time.) You can move along to read elsewhere but I need to take a minor moment to say how much I genuinely  enjoyed his new film, Surrogate Valentine at the Closing Night Gala of CAAM’s San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. Continue reading “Goh Nakamura’s Surrogate Valentine Review”

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