Peeling Good, Getting Paid: YouTube Elevates Happy Slip to Partner

happyslip.jpgMike first wrote about the utterly hilarious Christine Gambito of and her growing YouTube following back in February. Many of the Happy Slip videos highlight Gambito’s Filipino family members (all played by her, in sidesplitting hysterical perfection) and the completely relatable situations all children of immigrants have experienced. “Happy slip” comes from her mother’s Filipino pronunciation of “half slip.” Does anyone even know what a half slip is anymore? I don’t think so. Celebrities can’t even be bothered to wear underwear. So, in case you don’t know, you are supposed to wear a “half slip” underneath your skirt so that people can’t see your underwear, Britney Spears. Your underwear.

I digress. Back to Christine! The Filipina one-woman production’s popularity on YouTube has risen to such a level (the Happy Slip video, “Peelings” has had more than 200,000 viewers) that she has been selected to participate in the same revenue sharing and promotional program as YouTube’s corporate content partners. As a partner, she is in the company of 20-40 YouTube members-turned-stars such as Lonelygirl15 and LisaNova.

Hooray por Happy Slip! As we would say in my native Ilonggo dialect, “wow, tigas!”

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