Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys: A Response

Last week, Mike posted an entry titled “Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys,” which is one of those topics that, no matter how many times it is addressed, is never resolved. I’m a rather typical Asian girl, so this is my response piggybacking Mike’s entry, reviewing it from a typical Asian girl’s mindset.

There’s a running generalization now in our community that the most successful and most beautiful Asian women prefer to date White. We assume this after observing countless instances of successful, beautiful Asian women marrying White men. In our male-dominant male-centric tradition, we blame the Asian woman for the phenomenon. And in our minorities-are-the-victims tradition, we also blame White Privilege, White sexual imperialism, and the white-washing of the world that globalization has wrought–theories we use like a panacea to explain why any minority race may experience inequality in this world.

While I would usually be the first to hop on the White-sexual-imperialism bandwagon, in this case there is a smidge more at play…

For a number of reasons, Asian men have lost the confidence to approach the particular Asian woman they want to date, which is often an attractive, very well put together individual. Any woman they perceive as even remotely possibly maybe out of their league (i.e., any attractive, very well put together Asian woman), they will simply walk the other way and admire from afar.

Meanwhile, since these women really are attractive and very well put together by any measure, men of other races, especially White men, pursue them left and right. It thus makes statistical sense that these women would date White, because they’re not pursued by any promising candidates from the Asian race.

Both of my sisters, for example, happen to be drop dead gorgeous. They’re sociable, charismatic, highly educated, and can hold their end of the conversation on anything from classical music, literature, politics and philosophy to fashion and the latest gossip. For some reason, every Asian male who meets them immediately assumes they only date White men, and thus don’t even bother approaching my sisters. Meanwhile, they get a lot of attention from White men and since the litter they pick from consists almost exclusively of White men, they end up dating White men. Asian men later see them hand in hand with White men and think, “Yep, I knew it. It figures.” My sisters then unwittingly perpetuate the generalization that Asian girls go for White guys. Truth is, they’re dating White because Asian men were too intimidated to ever initiate.

On the other hand, Asian women who, if I may put it delicately enough, are less than conventionally appealing to the typical Asian man, will still find avid fans among White men. (And the Asian fetish issue is beyond the scope of this post.) These women would have preferred to date an Asian man, but Asian men never gave them the time of day, while White men will. In retaliation of being repudiated by most of the Asian men they’ve crushed on throughout their lives, these Asian women openly scorn Asian men before the Asian men have the opportunity to reject these women.

Allow an oversimplified statement of the solution for the Asian male: Love, love, love your Asian sisters. Too many Asian men today automatically impose an almost irrefutable presumption against Asian women that these women are going to be treacherous against the men of their own race. I call it the self-fulfilling prophecy. Asian men push Asian women to date outside their race when they either: (1) allow their insecurity to turn into hostility against the women they think they can’t get but want, or (2) allow their idiocy to turn into hostility against the women they think they can get but don’t want. It’s all this hostility toward Asian women that’s turning us off from Asian men.

Of course all the usual suspects share culpability: mainstream media’s portrayal of the hero as a White Marlboro man in every tale depicting tragic minority communities; society’s postulation that any alpha male must be White or at least White-like; certain degrees of self-loathing from certain Asian women; and — who can forget — the crazy, overbearing, codependent-on-her-son Asian mother that every Asian male seems to come with. Yet I have faith that the Asian male can overcome all of these enumerated obstacles.

What I’m not so sure about is whether he can ever get over pitying himself and actually step up to be a positive, supportive and constructive component to our lives.

Postscript. For another angle, read it at Niniane’s Blog, “Why I Don’t Date Asian Men.” Funny, with sobering accuracy, well-written, and the blogger is a hot Asian chic! Niniane, my dear, you forgot to add that Asian men, in all their neglect, then tell you how much they pamper and spoil you, and how darn lucky you are to be with a sensitive, kind, loving, and affectionate man like him. [Credit to John for referring the link to Mike for referring the link to me.]

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42 Responses to Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys: A Response

  1. Mike says:

    The girl I once dated, who before me only dated white guys (I wrote about her in another comment), actually did date an Asian guy a long, long time ago. It was her first boyfriend. And apparently the guy was so insecure and misogynistic that it turned her off to all Asian guys. Until I came along, of course. Tee hee.

  2. Wangus Khan says:

    This is ridiculous. Want to know why Asian males don’t approach Asian women? Asian males know that a lot of asian women out there are very materialistic. It’s that old world culture that they’ve taken from their parents. Want proof?

    Look at an asian girl’s purse. Every other one is sporting some kind of high end top dollar, but they know not to brag about those purchases. Instead they’ll try to down play it and say the buy purses from tjmaxx or walmart. We asian males may have slanty eyes, but we see right through that! The asian male who can’t afford those things will feel like they’ll be disappointing to the asian girl who flaunts those coach purses and $150 dollar pair of steve madden shoes.

    Call me jaded, call me cynical, whatever you want. Asian girls (for the most part) are all about wealth and prestige. And don’t bother denying it.

    A poor asian male who hasn’t attained any wealth or status yet, will not approach a wealthy popular asian girl, because he knows it’s an automatic rejection.

  3. Xxxtine says:

    Exactly who is perpetuating the stereotype Wangus Khan?

    Just because I happen to like my D&G knock-off sunglasses and fake Prada handbag I bought on Canal … that’s right *I* bought with my own hard earned money doesn’t mean I expect my boyfriend to buy me the real thing. Is it a crime to want nice things? Do Asian girls have to look homely to get noticed by Asian guys? Do you see a double standard here?

    I used to think that Asian girls are all about material wealth and prestige – but that’s because I actually didn’t get to know them as individuals and just lumped them into the same money pit. You’d be surprised to find that most aren’t as shallow as you’d like to imagine. In fact, when it comes to fashion – females in general are bargain hunters. My Coach bag was purchased off Ebay. My pair of Blay suede pumps, purchased in Soho were on Clearance. That if you happened to eavesdrop on a conversation with women you would find that the lower the price tag is on a nice item of fashion is the winner followed by the question, “Where did you get that?” My Korean friend’s most prize possession in her wardrobe is a shirt she bought for $2 in Chinatown and she’s supposed to look high end, she’s an actress.

    Oh, but you wouldn’t know because you never got the nerve to talk to the girl in the Steve Madden shoes.
    – btw for all the guys who don’t know – shoes are an important piece of investment to a girl’s wardrobe, I’ve learned (the hard way) never to skimp on cheaply made shoes.

    Of course you wouldn’t know that because you never bothered asking. Good for you for shooting yourself in the foot before you even stepped up to the plate.

  4. Wangus Khan says:

    Shooting my own foot? Your example of bargain hunting just proved that asian women will go the extra mile to hunt for bargain on brand name goods. This shows that asian women are still all about the brand name materialism, because they’ll go HUNTING for those goods. And if they can’t get the legitimate version of the brand name, they’ll get knock offs, that way they can still show off a cheap fascade of wealth and prestige. So… who shot their own foot?

    “Is it a crime to want nice things? Do Asian Girls have to look homely to get noticed by Asian Guys?” (Double standard?)

    Is it a crime to want brand name everything? Of course not. It just makes the girl look stuck up when their purchases all flaunt off brand names. It’s not that asian girls have to look homely, but it’s the fact that they are peacocking and posing to be so much more. Think of a guy who is decked out in Armani, but drives a piece of crap Ford Taurus and comes back home to a shabby apartment. He’s just a poser. Flip this around to the asian girl, and you’ll see my point. Asians are mostly obsessed with the image of being wealthy, even though they aren’t wealthy yet. It doesn’t matter that they work hard or found the item on sale, it’s the fact that their pursuits are all about wealth and prestige.

    And dear, it’s not a lack of courage that prevents a guy like me from approaching an asian princess, it’s sheer prudence. Why does a guy want that kind of snobbery? Why would a guy want a girl who is a poser of wealth and prestige? Would you date a guy who posed to be wealthy and extravagant when he really wasn’t? Both parties are just a bunch of knock-offs.

  5. akrypti says:

    “crap Ford Taurus,” Mr. Wangus?

    I take offense! I used to drive a Ford Taurus and I *LOVED* that car!

  6. Xxxtine says:

    I don’t see lucking out on a bargain as being materialistic or searching for the image of wealth and prestige – if they’re having a 50% off jackets at Danier Leather, why shouldn’t I go have a look see

    It’s unfortunate that we live in a society where how one looks is directly related to how one gets treated by others. I used to see it through your side and felt that people who wore designer clothing, etc. were all materialistic, shallow and snobby – I get it, I understand. Believe me, I’ve met some Asian females that you speak of and while I wouldn’t call them snobby or poseur-ish, (they were very sweet and genuine people) I would say that I wasn’t impressed with their priorities. I agree with you on how there are people out there who flaunt and spend money like its recycled paper, which is usually a power play directly resulting in some form of insecurity. It seems you’re more offended by people who don’t live within their means, which is fine.

    But the thing is, I wouldn’t know these things about them if I judged them soley by what they chose to wear.

  7. Niniane says:

    Heh, glad to hear that you enjoyed my blog post and got a laugh out of it.

  8. Duy-Tan says:

    @ author,
    You’ve got to be kidding.
    You are writing from a “typical Asian girl” mindset? Hahaha, I don’t think so. You are definitely an atypical girl with an education and a lot of big words. The mind of the Asian girl you described here is already embedded with thoughts like:

    1) allow their insecurity to turn into hostility against the women they think they can’t get but want, or (2) allow their idiocy to turn into hostility against the women they think they can get but don’t want

    No Akrypti, that is not it. You are wrong. They are your justifications for cognitive dissonances on all the times that you are not approached.

    You want to be approached?
    “Be the girl that your mamma taught you to be.”

  9. Akrypti says:

    Aw, Duy-Tan, you really think I don’t get approached by Asian guys? *smirks* That’s precious.

  10. fishfry says:

    I’m always amazed by the sexist comments (where Asian women are greedy sluts, or “whoriental lap dogs,” as I they say on the Model Minority forum) that men seem to justify as the reasons for their rejection.

    All this talk about the “typical Asian girl” really blows. Hmm… who should I chose? Oppressor behind door #1… or oppressor behind door #2?

  11. Duy-Tan says:

    I’m sure you do Akrypti. 😉

  12. joe says:

    I once asked a Taiwanese girl who only dated white guys before out, she turned me down. Then she went out with my rich Asian friend. Turns out she just didn’t go out with poor guys. I once asked another Taiwanese girl who only dated Asian guys before out, she turned me down. Turns out she just goes out with fobby Asian guys. I think I just don’t have any luck with Taiwanese women.

    On the flipside, there was this hot Asian girl I wouldn’t give the time of day. Since I paid no attention, she got together with a Hispanic guy. She came on too strong and freaked me out. There was also something that weirded me out. My Chinese friend was trying to get with this girl who was dating a white guy, but my Indian friend eventually wound up with her. Luckily he didn’t have an Indian accent to impede him in his pursuits. He has also been known to take Asian girls out to dinner to get huge discounts when making expensive purchases.

    On the other side of the flipside, my Chinese cousin married a white girl. My Asian friend dated this Jew girl for a while. In high school there was this Asian guy who went out with a Black girl. I remember a homeroom teacher saying, “To marry one of those Oriental boys who are good at math”. She was Black and said it in jest, so I think it was PC. I think Jin wrote a song about a Black girl too. I remember one summer, there were these hot two girls from the art school who taught me about weed. One was black and the other was white. Just to let you know, my poor ass spent $0 on them.

    My tall beer-bellied white apartmentmate brings smart beautiful girls home, because he’s an amiable guy who’s happy with himself. He ain’t the best looker out there, but he’s confident and friendly. My other friend is a balding white guy who is shorter than his hot hot blond bombshell girlfriend. I still haven’t found out why she’s with that loser. My other tall beer-bellied white ex-apartmentmate brought home shanky dependent girls. He only put up with that shit to get laid, then he would get all depressed when they broke up until the next shanky girl came to visit. There was one white girl who was too good for him and my Chinese friend claimed her after my Indian friend beat him to that Asian girl.

    An Asian man should not limit himself to Asian women. He should be like Genghis and make sure he has a lot of descendants. The majority of us are descended from him and we should carry on his will. I still have some Asian Male / White Female issues though. Every time I get hit on by a white girl, I think they’re patronizing me. In fact, I think the majority of the times, they are patronizing me and that makes me sad. I don’t think many people would go gaga over a 5′ balding overweight Asian man. Life is short, I just want to have a good time.

  13. darkmoon says:

    lol. Back in a day when I was young and naive, I probably would have approached Akrypti…

    But I’ll have to say that Wangus Khan has a point, although somewhat jaded one. It’s one of the reasons I backed off of even trying to date Asian girls. Now, judging by my personal history, most of it is pretty on the spot. Could be the population though that you (or in this case I) hung with but unfortunately, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    And before you tell me that I didn’t try, Akrypti… lol… believe me.. I tried. But there’s only so much rejection that a guy can take. lol. Jaded? definitely. Atypical experience? Very possibly. But it sounds like it’s not just myself that has had similar experiences. So at least be open minded to what some of these guys are saying.

  14. courageous kiwi says:

    One time, in high school, I went out once with this one Asian girl. She actually turned out to be a psychopath, so I told her I’d call her, and never did. A few days later, she attacked a friend of mine in the hallway with a screwdriver. Therefore, based on my single personal experience, I can draw the broad, sweeping conclusion that all Asian women are likely to attack men with screwdrivers.

  15. hjj says:

    I’m sorry, but the answer is that asian men should start dating and marrying white or non-asian women.

    I don’t see why not?

    Al Gore’s harvard graduate daughter, Sarah Gore, married an asian man.
    And the 2005 Miss Universe, Natalie Glebova, is marrying Thai tennis player, Paradorn Srichaphan.

    If you have these asian men marrying the most desirable white women out there (like the zenith) , why can’t other asian men marry a normal everyday white woman.

    Being more assertive with asian women is not the answer. Believe me.

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  17. nemogbr says:

    From the perpective of one of the first pinoys who grew up in London, most of the Filipina women, I knew, were my sister’s friends.

    They were not as bad as Darkmoon’s description, but I also found them spoilt.

    Personality wise, it was better to ask British and European women on dates.

  18. Rob says:

    I’ve heard of many Asian women approaching white guys. I know it’s usually the man that takes the first step but women flirt with men all the time.

    Why don’t Asian women, attractive or otherwise, get started?

  19. Rob says:

    I would also like to add that I’m fairly oblivious when it comes to reading women. Additionally, almost all my past girlfriends were all white/Latin and all of them approached me. They had to smack me over the head with blatant flirty moves so my question is why Asian women can’t do the same to Asian men.

    See, this is a huge circle we’re moving in and I’m disheartened when Akrypti seems to portray Asian men as being the sole “problem.” The reason why Asian men are insecure and don’t seem confident is because they constantly see Asian women with white men. This, in turn, causes more Asian women to turn to white men.

    Asian men AND women have to meet each other halfway. It’s not only the fault of Asian men.

  20. Akrypti says:

    I don’t recall ever saying in my original post that Asian men were the “sole” reason for the problem. That was the problem my post chose to critique.

  21. Rob says:

    Which is why I said “seems to portray.” Perhaps it was a knee-jerk reaction but all I ever hear is how this issue is caused by Asian men alone and the debate never seems to critique the Asian female demographic at all.

    When the Asian female demographic is indeed criticized, it eventually turns out that it’s the Asian male’s fault, yet again, for not being more proactive. I already addressed why that may be.

    So, my question is this: If there are also many Asian women that talk to white men, why can’t Asian women do it either? Do white men just emit some type of special signal that causes Asian women to only be proactive with them and not Asian men?

    If so, can I purchase it on eBay?

  22. Date out says:

    Oh, please.

    That idea is just beyond stupid and makes no sense at all.

    Now, back to reality. I’ll be honest with you, I used to grumble about this problem. Actually, I still do from time to time but it’s rare. Why? I’ll tell you in a minute.

    I’ve noticed that Asian men are pretty much on their own and Asian women don’t give a flying shit about us. I want to establish that first.

    I’ve accepted this. Everywhere I go, Asian women blame Asian men for the problem. As you can see from the other female posters in this thread, it’s true. It’s either all our fault or they tend to ignore it completely because, frankly, it doesn’t affect or hurt them. Not only is it our fault, we have to do more on our end while they don’t have to do squat by meeting us halfway.

    That reminds me of the Creedence Clearwater Revival song “Senator’s Son” when they “ask how much should we give” and they reply “more, more, more.” Anyway, I digress.

    The personal is political, folks. Let’s not beat around the bush; until someone else is losing, a particular subject becomes more or less important depending on who’s being affected the most.

    Think it’s ok to racially profile Arabs on airplanes? Whites sure do. Why? It’s because their own rights aren’t being violated.

    Think it’s ok for blacks to get followed around in the store? Asians sure do. Why? It’s because they’re not the ones being stereotyped as criminals.

    So, it’s fine to say that Asian women don’t care. Why should they? They’re not losing out on the exchange. Had it been the opposite situation where Asian men were being chased left and right by white women and everyone ignored Asian women because they’re ugly, you’d hear alot of complaining from Asian women and Asian men would be the ones saying “you don’t own me.”

    Asian women need to shut up. Honestly. You’d do all the kicking and screaming if you were the ones losing and you know I’m 100% true. Get off your high horse because you know it’s true.

    Asian guys, you can’t blame them. They hold all the cards while you hold a lousy hand. The only thing I suggest you do is fold, pick yourself up, and move to another table.

    I’m being serious. Talking to Asian women about this topic because it’s like talking to a brick wall. Hell, I’ve met many white, Latin, and black women that are so responsive and supportive to how Asian men are heartbroken over this issue.

    Why repay your best efforts to a demographic that could give a shit whether or not you have a happy life? I wouldn’t. Why would I? I give support and happiness to someone that gave or will return it to me.

    This is why I encourage Asian men to date outside their race. This is where my personal story comes into play. I used to be angry about it until I bumped into a gay white friend of mine that took care of me. I mean, he and his friends told me the in’s and out’s on what to do and how to act. In fact, they had many straight female friends. Picture me as a guy being helped by the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. They dressed me up, helped me with social graces, and cleaned up my flat.

    It wasn’t 2 weeks later when women of all colors started picking up on this and taking notice.

    My honest question is this: If I have to work hard to appeal to women of all races, why would I date an Asian woman if I can date a non-Asian one? You give us shit and then when you see we get attention from non-Asian women, you suddenly think that we’re acceptable now?

    Suffice to say, I’ve convinced most of my young male relatives to chew up this mentality. I’m not afraid to admit that it’s the shallow approach but maybe it’s the only way for Asian women to stop taking us for granted. Asian men need to show them we’re not going to wait around for them forever as a second class date.

    Much to the anger of Asian women who hear me saying this, I’ve noticed that if every Asian guy does his part to spread the message, maybe Asian women will learn in a few years that Asian men can be better than any other type of men out there but they were too busy dicking around and taking us for granted.

    3 of my cousins are all very good looking Asian guys. 2 are with white women and another is with a Latina. I have many white female friends that said they didn’t date Asian guys not because they didn’t like them but because they felt Asian guys didn’t find them attractive since they’re too busy chasing Asian girls.

    I replied that this isn’t the case but don’t think white girls are interested in them. So, I told these white girls to start opening flirting with Asian guys. Low and behold, 2 of them are dating Korean guys.

    In short, Asian guys….

    look elsewhere. We’ve never been seriously wanted and that’s the biggest turnoff ever.

  23. Caucasian male says:

    I am a caucasian male and personally I don’t see the big appeal with asian women. I find most of them too skinny and I am not into black hair and brown eyes. I like blue eyes and blonde or brown hair. I personally am way more physically attracted to caucasian women. Also, why would I want to date a FOB who has no personality and can barely SPEAK ENGLISH? I thought a big part of a relationship is communication so how can you really communicate if you don’t speak the same language. And if the asian girl is not a FOB then they generally have a lot of they same attitudes and issues as a lot of the “western” girls anyways so what is the difference? As far as I’m concerned the rest of you loser white guys with the asian fetish can have them. I love my white girls! Are any other white guys out there with me?

  24. Chook says:

    Could all of you stop fighting? Girls stay on this side of the line, boys on the other. Don’t make me ground all of you!

  25. Caucasian male says:

    For me as a caucasian male an even bigger concern is that asians seem to be taking over the world. They are pouring out of China and now are overrunning North America. Look at Toronto (at least 8 Chinatowns in the GTA) and Hongcouver for example. Great cities in a lot of ways but too bad I feel like a minority in all of them. I have heard the same is true in Sydney and San Francisco. And all of these white guys with their asian fetishes don’t help matters either. They won’t be happy until the whole world is either asian or half-asian. Too bad there is nothing I can do about it.

  26. Chook says:

    Caucasian male – welcome to a Yellow future….. Chinaman.

  27. Kenny says:

    Eh, Caucasian Male, if you wanted to destroy the Asian community in North America, you would want to promote interracial dating among Asian women and white men. You’re obviously not going to kick Asians out as there will be complaints of racism so you’ll have to end up breeding Asians out.

    It’s much easier for the massive majority to absorb the minority like an ameba. With no Asian women, Asian men will either go back to Asia or be absorbed by other non-Asian women.

    Since it was discovered that Hapas tend to marry white at about 85%, eventually any trace of being Asian will be eliminated.

    PS: This tactic really does work. In a game called Medieval 2, that’s how I sealed up and obliterated the remnants of the Holy Roman Empire without losing a single soldier.

    Follow the words of Edward the Longshanks! “If we can’t kick them out, we’ll breed them out.”

    So, embrace interracial marriage. Throughout history, nothing has been better to destroy all trace of a civilization.

  28. Ernie says:

    And, because the blog thread has now gone from an intelligent conversation to troll-baiting, this conversation thread is now closed.

    Got a problem with it? Too bad! Check our Comments Policy and start your own blog. Kissies!

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  30. 7rick5ter says:

    Not all asian girls are into white guys, but the ones that are should be ashamed of themselves!
    why the Fuck would you date a redneck, I mean whatever!!!
    their has to be stupid/naive people out there right?

  31. entropy137 says:

    Here’s the real reason as to why asian girls go for white guys so much. Well, it’s either post-colonial cultural imperialism, or penis size. Those are the predominant schools thought right now. Then again, there’s a third angle that say the reason is simply…peer pressure.

  32. johnfeier says:

    “For some reason, every Asian male who meets them immediately assumes they only date White men, and thus don’t even bother approaching my sisters.”

    This is EXACTLY where it’s at! As a white guy, I feel the same way when I think about approaching white girls when I see them with black guys. There have been some who have said “I don’t date white men.”

    But these Asian girls are so hot that it doesn’t matter. They’re so cute and petite. 🙂

    Maybe Asian guys should go for black girls? This way nobody feels left out?

  33. gthro123 says:

    It’s pretty hard to hear all this, being that I’m an asian guy who wants to date asian girls. It’s almost like no one believes an asian guy can attract an asian girl. I don’t believe it’s hopeless for asian guys like me, who want to date asian girls, just because of some stupid stereotypes. If you asian guys want an asian girl, then get an asian girl. I’m so tired of people saying bad things about asian men, including asian men. We need to stand up for ourselves and show the media how strong we are as a demographic. We can’t be pitying ourselves, and feeling sorry for ourselves. Then the media, and inferiority complexes, and all that other bull WIN.

  34. donxxx says:

    Hah, I know some white guy who had an Asian fetish and tried to make his white girlfriend more “Japanese” by making her learn Japanese mannerisms

  35. Johsn Le says:

    This has to be the most ridiculous rant by an Asian girl ever. Asian guys don’t hit on Asian girls, so Asian girls for whites. Bullshit.

    You should listen to the stereotype that Asian girls have for Asian guys and the “white knight” mentality they have.

    I hit on Asian girls at club all the time. Asian women are just more picky when it comes to Asian guys, but they will lower their standard for a white one.

  36. lens36 says:

    still doesnt change the fact that some guys still cant get up the nerve to ask out the asian girl doesnt really matter whos at fault i guess comes down to the persons confidence

  37. fullertontaughtyou says:

    this stereotype seems to be overblown by the one-sided Western media, so much that I don’t even know if it holds much truth. The city I live in is around 30% asian, and whenever I’m at places where younger people tend to hang out at, I do see a lot of Asian girl-Asian guy couples. also, just about all the Asian girls I knew throughout school who ended up in a relationship, it was with an Asian guy. there are three main types of preferences an Asian girl can have; they can prefer asian guys, have no preference, or prefer whites or other races. There is nothing wrong with having either three. The only thing that may cause problems is when someone prefers a certain race at the sake of looking down upon another and thinking that that race is “inherently” worse than the one they prefer. that just speaks ignorance through a loudspeaker.

    anyways, the process for getting a girl should be no different for Asian guys, as compared to other races. everyone just needs to be confident in themselves and not be gullible and buying into any BS, either from the media or peer pressure.

  38. jetie says:

    Asian girls are garbage.

    True story. I was having a Japanese language lesson with my tutor when we realized a bunch of Japanese exchange students walking around outside.

    After the lesson, we approached the group, hoping maybe I could make some Japanese-speaking contacts or some friends.

    The result? Things didn’t go as planned. Quite disappointing to be honest.

    The girls practically ignored me the whole ****ing time while talking to my tutor. The only question I got was: “Where are you from?” To which I replied, “I am Canadian.”

    So just because I’m not white, I’m officially a FOB? **** you!

    Anyway, when my teacher suddenly got fed up and decided to leave since I was being ignored, she asked me if I wanted to ask them anything. I said “No” very rudely, and walked away. Seriously, why act nicely if someone’s treating you like sh*t?

    Of course, it didn’t stop me from learning Japanese. Though I was quite disappointed.. And it made me realize Japanese girls aren’t what they seem to be portrayed as..

    Maybe it’s unfair for me to group ALL Asian girls because of this experience, but I don’t give a flying ****.

    Honestly, why bother going through that experience again, when I always get smiles and flirty laughs from white girls? I’ve been with white girls many times, and I’ve NEVER had to experience that sh*t.

    (Off-topic but the girls were ugly. They had horrendous teeth, no chest, no ass, and no personality.)

  39. pauleeee says:

    started off sounding reasonable, quite logical, yet tailed off into a stream of bitterness towards the end

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