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WikiPilipinas Since Genghis has been covering all sorts of news about China, I wondered, what about the Philippines? I mean, Asia is more than just Chinese, right?

That’s when I found out about WikiPilipinas, the hip and free Philippine encyclopedia that you can edit. Based on the popular open source software MediaWiki (which runs Wikipedia, of course), WikiPilipinas is a wealth of information.

Like, did you know that Jose Bugallon commanded the Filipino army against the Spaniards in the Battle of La Loma in 1899? Or that the Top Philippine All-Time Sexy Actresses is Katrina Halili? Or that actor Ric Bustamante played Genghis Khan in the 1950 movie of that same name?

WikiPilipinas was launched on June 12, 2007, during the 109th year Philippine Independence Day, and founded by the New York-based organization as a way to “accelerate the publication of Filipiniana content with a more open, complementary project that would eventually be the biggest Philippine knowledgebase.”

Like any other wiki project, it’s entirely a volunteer-driven resource. For only having been around for a few months, they’ve done an amazing job already.

If you know any Filipino history or information, I’m sure they’d love to get your help. While there’s already lots of info, many pages still have the note: “This article is a stub. You can help WikiPilipinas by expanding it.”

(hat tip to APIA Blogs)

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