Virtual Beijing police to patrol in cyber world

A friend of mine sent me this article this morning, “Virtual Beijing police to patrol in cyber world.” Starting Saturday, Chinese internet users behind the Great Firewall of China, can report to the government offensive and malicious (anti-Communist, pro-Democracy, pro-Taiwan independence?) internet material to Beijing cybercops:

“A Beijing netizen need only click the two cartoon police if he or she wants to report malicious information or pornographic websites. Then the netizen shall fill in a form to end the whole reporting processing, Beijing police said Tuesday at a press conference. Police would offer a feedback in 30 minutes after they received valid calls, said Zhao Hongzhi, deputy director of the Internet department of the Beijing police bureau. The cartoon policeman and policewoman would pop up on web pages every 30 minutes. They would patrol Beijing’s gateway websites as of September 1 and all websites and forums in Beijing since December.”

Looks like Big Brother is not only watching you, but wants Little Brother to help out in sensoring the internet in China. The Beijing Public Security Bureau’s cybercop cartoon police officers are just too funny if you ask me (yes, the image above is for real). Thankfully, 8Asians is hosted outside of China – but we are blocked in China to protect its citizens!

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