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Americans in China: [Silicon] Valley expatriates take risk on fast-growing economy

In yesterday’s The San Jose Mercury News front page, the paper covers “Americans in China: [Silicon] Valley expatriates take risk on  fast growing economy.” The article goes on to describe the trials and tribulations of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs AND their … Continue reading

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Blacklava Apparel: For Asians, By Asians, But So What?

I recently came across Blacklava, a California-based company that sells what dubs “Asian American-themed apparel with a political consciousness.” Blacklava caters almost exclusively to the Asian American community. It offers T-shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers with messages like “I … Continue reading

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15 Years of Rejections: UN rejects Taiwan’s application

I missed this news last week, but am not surprised by the result. The United Nations rejected Taiwan’s application to become a member nation for the 15th time since Taiwan has been expelled from the U.N. and has tried to … Continue reading

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Mister Wong takes down logo, International Flame war commences

So, for the twelve or so readers who haven’t arrived here from Germany, I’ll give you a brief overview as to what’s been happening the past week or so: Around three months ago, I write a post called Mister … Continue reading

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Chinese Market Awash in Fake Potter Books

I had heard about the fake Harry Potter phenonomanon before, but read about it again in today’s New York Times’ article, “Chinese Market Awash in Fake Potter Books” : “The iterations of Potter fraud and imitation here are, in fact, … Continue reading

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An Eggshell Psyche, Mister Wong, and Why 8A Took a Stand

Ernie first brought our attention to the Mister Wong bookmarking site that used to employ as a logo a caricature of an Asian man with jaundiced skin and slanty eyes, reminiscent of the malicious political caricatures Americans drew once upon … Continue reading

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AZN Asian Excellence Awards

I was channel surfing the other day, I came across on cable AZN Television’s 2007 “Asian Excellence Awards” hosted by Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim and Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park. I caught the part of the show where Yul Kwon, (one … Continue reading

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