Goodness Gracious Me: An Outstanding BBC Sketch Comedy TV Series

Goodness Gracious MeHats off once again to BBC for delivering fantastic programming. I stumbled upon “Goodness Gracious Me” at random and love it! I can’t get enough. Per its Wikipedia entry, the show comprises Saturday-Night-Live-like acts which explore “the conflict and integration between traditional Indian culture and modern British life.” Some acts reverse the roles to view the British from an Indian perspective while others poke fun at Indian stereotypes.

My Three Picks to Begin Your Goodness Gracious Me Immersion:

1. Typical Asian Parents –

2. Gay Son –

3. Rehabilitation –

And those were hard to pick, because I really love them all. Like the one on reverse micro-aggression, a sketch that satires how white Westerners butcher transliterated Asian names by reversing the roles. The Christmas Special ones are hilarious, as are the sketches of the grandfather who thinks everything originates from India. Other top faves: “The Meaning of Being a Sikh” and “The Meaning of Being a Hindu.”

These don’t even cover my favorites. The ones set in the women’s shelter about cultural defense are a riot. Also check out the world-famous sketch, “Going Out for an English.” The Wikipedia entry for it: “They mispronounce the waiter’s name, order the blandest thing from the menu (apart from one of them, who opts for the safer option of a curry) and ask for 24 plates of chips. This parodies the often-drunk English people ‘going out for an Indian’, ordering chicken phall and too many papadums.”

Definitely give some attention to Goodness Gracious Me. I’m floored at how hilarious and well thought out this show is. Here in the States, we have nothing even near its equivalent.

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