Vote Asian Baby Kayla for YoBaby’s Cover Baby!

Everyone loves babies. Seriously, a near fight could break out over Iraq or health care or interracial relationships and the media perception of the Asian male, and then someone could bring a baby in the room and everyone would just all collectively “aww.” Which is why I draw attention to YoBaby’s Cover Baby contest, a baby yogurt promotion where the winner gets fame and money and, of course, more yogurt. Because we’re in politically correct America, there is the obvious inclusion of African American and, yes, Asian American baby.

It just so happens that I know the mother of Asian Baby, named Kayla and thus abbreviated to ABK for the rest of this blog entry. Her name is Peggy and she went to my college. And as part of a way to shamelessly use the Internet to fish for votes, Peggy agreed to a short interview over Instant Messenger, after the jump.

A vote for ABK is a vote for proper health care for children all over the world! Well, no it isn’t, but vote for her anyway.

Ernie: How did you end up submitting your baby to the contest?
Peggy: i found out about the contest through a mommy group that I joined, and I submitted her picture the last day for fun.
Then I found out yesterday that she was a finalist [out of 44,000 entries]. The thing that sucks is that they didn’t officially notify me till today that she was a finalist and the competition ends this Sunday. I heard the voting has been going on over a week too!
Ernie: THAT’S RACISM. [Ed note: Germans, please note that heavy sarcasm is used here]
Peggy: I know! So we need to unite and have the Asian baby win!
Ernie: It says on the rules that the winners receive… “a trip of four to San Francisco.” Which sucks, considering you guys live in Fremont [approximately a twenty minute drive away]
Peggy: I know. I wish it was in New York.

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