The Amazing Race: Ronald & Christina

So I don’t really follow CBS’s The Amazing Race (though I should since it’s probably the best well produced reality TV show behind Survivor), but I did catch last night’s premiere of the 12th season after 60 Minutes, and was happy to see an Asian-American team of “Ronald & Christina“:

Ronald: Tacoma, WA; 58, VP of Sales. Christina, Washington, DC, 26, Policy Analyst
Ronald & Christina are a father/daughter Team who are competing in the Race to make up for lost time. Since Ronald was constantly traveling for work throughout much of his daughter’s formative years, Christina hopes Race will allow her father–a self-proclaimed workaholic–to stop and smell the roses and provide them with some meaningful time together. Ronald, a first-generation immigrant and eldest of five, works as a Vice President of sales for a paper packaging company. His proudest achievements are his thirty-one years of marriage and raising two independent daughters. Christina is Ronald’s youngest daughter and holds degrees from both Duke and Princeton. She once served in the State Department and often wishes her Teammate could be as diplomatic as she. Neither are strangers to the unpredictability of international travel as they have both lived and worked abroad. Ronald describes himself as inquisitive and open-minded, while Christina describes herself as loyal and adventurous. This father/daughter duo is excited to grow closer, make friends across continents and create Race history by being the first father/daughter Team to claim the $1 million prize.””

Pretty cool if you ask me. I’d love to do “The Amazing Race,” although with one traveling the race on this show, I’m not sure how much you could actually see given that it is a race. Nor would I necessarily want to do The Amazing Race with a parent, but with my brother, that would be really cool. Good luck with Ronald & Christina, though I do wonder if Ronald, being 58, can really keep up with the younger competitors.  I did find it pretty funny that Ronald was wearing a T-shirt that said, “Who’s your daddy?” Spoiler alert – they survived the first show.

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