Everyone’s favorite billionaire mayor warns Chinese of global warming

Mike BloombergIt’s amazing to think that it’s only been 35 years since Nixon first visited China and began the process of normalizing relations between the two countries.  Mike Bloomberg, possibly the worlds most powerful mayor, is spending a few days kicking it with the Chinese and discussing everything from information freedom, urbanization, and global warming. 

“Some people believe that by mid-century, as [much] as 75 percent of China’s population may be city dwellers,” he said. “Even an occasional visitor to China, like me, is struck by this rapid urbanization. It is one of the largest internal migrations by people in the history of the world.

“And unless it is planned for, it could accelerate the already alarming pace of global climate change, as well as other serious environmental challenges.”

To avoid accusations of lecturing his hosts, Bloomberg adopted a we’re-all-in-this-together approach.

“China and the US are both large consumers of energy,” he said, “and we have a responsibility to work together to put the brakes on climate change.”

The mayor also delivered greetings from his plucky 98-year-old mother, Charlotte, who didn’t feel like accompanying him on such a long trip but told him to “be sure to say hello to the Chinese people for me.”

He did – and in Chinese.

I doubt the mayors of Flint, MI or Portland, ME would get a similar reception from China if they were to deliver the same speech.  On the flip-side, I don’t see the mayors of Tokyo or Beijing flying into NY to warn us of our over-consumption or irresponsible foreign policy.  Ah, must be nice to be a billionaire.  

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