Lucy Liu in ABC’s Cashmere Mafia

While surfing the web, I came across ABC’s new show that is premiering in January, Cashmere Mafia, co-starting Lucy Liu:

“Four ambitious, sexy women who have been best friends since business school, Mia, Zoe, Juliet and Caitlin, try to have it all. They aren’t just powerful and intelligent as singular executive sensations in a man’s world; they’ve bonded into a formidable unit — a female “boys’ club” — to support and counsel each other through good times and bad. How better to climb up the corporate ladder than with your buddies at your side?”

Lucy Liu plays Mia Mason, “a sexy, competitive woman in the publishing field” who is being pitted against her fiancé for a key promotion. Cashmere Mafia is being positioned as “Sex and the City” meets “CNBC” – promoted as “from the creator of Sex and the City.” It’ll be interesting to see how her character Mia is portrayed (and I can imagine already the comments that will be posted based on the TV promo already…)

Personally, since I went to business school, I’m curious as to see how the show portrays work-life balance for professional women, especially those trying to raise a family. There are already enough television dramas on medicine (ER, Grey’s Anatomy), crime (Law & Order, CSI everywhere), and law (Boston Legal, L.A. Law in the 80s). I guess there is The Office, but that’s more of a comedy sitcom than a drama

Here is a Cashmere Mafia promo on YouTube:

I really liked Lucy Liu in Kill Bill, Volume 1, as well as when she was in Alley McBeal (though I am sure there are many who disliked her portrayal as a “dragon lady.)”

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