Asian Fit Goggles: My Dilemma with Sunglasses is Finally Over

Oakley’s Asian Fit Sunglasses For a long time, it was hard for me. [Cue violin music] All the sunglasses I’d buy in the stores were so big and round. Not a good fit for my chinky eyes. But now Oakley has answered my prayers! [Cue happy jazzy music]

My dilemma with sunglasses is finally over! Thanks to these Asian Fit sunglasses from Oakley! (heh heh heh)

But in all seriousness… This is an interesting way to address a very real niche. There are very real physical differences between major ethnicities. Heck, just look at any cosmetics store and you’ll find entire lines dedicated to different ethnicities. It was only a matter of time before someone did the same with other physical differences.

Oakley describes this fit as one that will feel comfortable if “sunglasses tend to sit too low on your face or slide down your nose, touch at your temples or cheeks, or feel narrow at the sides of your head.” I’m guessing they got such information from market research and listening to their customers complain about fit issues.

And they’re not the only ones. Smith Phenom also has a pair of Asian Fit Goggles designed “for those flatter faces without a pronouced (sic) nose bridge.”

Even the military has similar products, such as Eye Safety System’s Asian-Fit Goggle Series, which was “made with molded face foam and a flatter lens curve and frame design.” They are now standard issue for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

I’ll admit, when I first heard about these “Asian Fit” sunglasses, I raised an eyebrow. But upon deeper reflection, it sounds like a really cool idea. The reaction from the blogosphere seems to be the same as mine too. Josh @ hyku had a similar initial reaction: “At first glance the term ‘Asian Fit’ seemed a bit direct for me?” Larry @ The Nut Bar concluded: “So I guess Oakley has found a way to address an overlook niche. You can’t really argue against it since it helps out a large group of people and I’m sure it isn’t hurting their bottom line.” And Alex @ Lost in Colonisation actually purchased a pair: “I have to say it fits very well, much better than I expected.”

Have you ever tried Oakley’s Asian Fit sunglasses? How do they fit?

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