Ramiele Malubay Makes Me Feel Dirty, So Dirty

Ramiele Malubay Boob Grab

When Ernie wrote about Ramiele Malubay, the 20-yo Filipina on this season’s American Idol, I thought, “Hey, she’s pretty damn talented! That’s a good voice!”

Then I thought the same thing Brian thought: “That Ramiele is an absolute cutie. And I feel like a creep.”

So when I saw Jen’s post on Disgrasian, “Boobs. Oh My God…Boobs.“, I felt more than just being a creep. I felt… dirty, so dirty.

Despite feeling like a dirty old man, I found these pics pretty damn funny. The Hollywood Gossip doesn’t think so though. They called these pics a “scandal“. But please, what do you expect out of a saucy 20-yo fun-loving girl? Dyed hair, low-cut tank tops, and boob grabs – it’s all part of goofing around and having fun. (I’d make a joke about, “Hey, I’d grab that boob myself!”, but then that would be kinda scandalous. Ahem.)

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