‘Samurai Girl’ coming to ABC Family this Friday

I think had read about the new TV series ‘Samurai Girl’ from that other Asian American blog you might read earlier this summer, but just came across this article in the Wall Street Journal: “Teen Drama, With a Twist – ‘Samurai Girl’ puts an action spin on a genre aimed at young women“:

“”Samurai Girl” begins on ABC Family with a two-hour premiere next Friday. The show follows a 19-year-old named Heaven who has been adopted by one of Japan’s most powerful families after mysteriously surviving a plane crash as a child. As she is set to be married against her will, ninjas invade and attack her and her family, sending her into a new quest to reclaim her identity and discover her calling.”

San Francisco native Jamie Chung will be starring as ‘Samurai Girl.’ Since the SF Bay Area is so small, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who reads this knows her? Apparently, Chung’s first television appearance was on MTV’s “Real World: San Diego (anybody catch her on the show?)

Personally, I don’t think we need another martial arts or “ancient” Japanese or Asian television series, but it’s cool that there is a TV series starring an Asian American, though not on network television.

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