SF Opera: The Bonesetter’s Daughter Premiering This Weekend

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 12th, the San Francisco Opera premieres ‘The Bonesetter’s Daughter,’ the opera. The opera? you’re asking – yes, the opera. Amy Tan has adapted her novel into an opera, as described on the opera website:

“… this world premiere tells a resonant story of belated intergenerational understanding that leads to emotional healing. A troubled Chinese-American woman learns the horrible secrets of her immigrant mother’s past in this touching and terrifying tale, set in both modern-day San Francisco and the Chinese countryside during the tumultuous events surrounding World War II”

I’ve never read Tan’s novel, but did read Tan’s popular “The Joy Luck Club,” which I enjoyed (as well as the film (despise some shortcomings) – which I was impressed at how well the director was able to weave the story of all eight characters). I think I also read Tan’s “The Kitchen God’s Wife.” You can read more about the process of how the opera was developed in an interview with Tan in The San Francisco Chronicle back in August.

The opera runs until October 3rd, and the approximate running time of the opera is: 2 hours, 40 minutes including one intermission and is sung in English with English supertitles. If anybody does wind up watching this – let me know how it is (I’m kind of curious and might see it myself, though I’m not a big fan of opera).

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