Asian Baby With 16 Toes!!

This news is pertinent to the 8Asians community because it involves an Asian baby, and as we all know, Asian babies are the cutest babies on Earth.

However, our highly-sought status from creating the world’s most cuddly sentient creatures is now at stake with this new baby from China who was BORN WITH 8 TOES ON EACH FOOT.

Yeah. I said it. EIGHT TOES. Plus, five fingers on each hand BUT NO THUMBS.

Guys, we need to do something about this baby. S/he may be threatening the one positive thing we’ve got going for our younger generation (aside from high SAT scores). Someone needs to fix this baby’s feet or hide her (him?) from the public. Can we bring back foot binding? Or someone needs to give birth to the most adorable Asian baby like NOW to steal the spotlight. Do we have a new Michelin Baby for 2008 yet?

Okay, I’m kidding. You can’t even see what this little tot looks like, anyway, but I’m sure s/he is beautiful. But still. WOW.

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