Goh Nakamura’s Ulysses

Face it — if your life were an indie movie, Goh Nakamura’s music would be playing in the background. You know, as you sit in a San Francisco coffee shop, getting dumped by your girlfriend while her “it’s not you it’s me” spiel would turn into a monotony of “blah blah blahs” — Goh’s song Flowers would play in the back while you take a drag of your cigarette and do whatever protagonists in indie movies do. (Depending on the movie: either move to New York or turn to heroin. I’ve been to a film festival before.)

Well, check it: you stopped smoking two days ago and you’re not even into girls, but Goh’s sophomore album Ulysses is still an album to get if you like dreamy, acoustic songs written by a guy who got, literally, a million hits on YouTube.

And how does he pay back his legions of Internet fans? With guilt-free MP3 downloads of his album. Of course, Goh is an artist, so if you enjoy the album you should most definitely purchase an actual CD with artwork and high-bitrate MP3s, but it’s refreshing that in the age of the Internet there are artists doing some really clever things in terms of music distribution; it’s a nicer bonus when the artist is good. (And yet even nicer when he’s a personal friend of yours.)

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