San Diego Jet Crash Brings Tragedy to Korean American Family

On Monday, tragedy occurred in San Diego when an F/A-18D Hornet fighter suffered a power failure of both of its engines as it approached the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. The pilot was able to eject safely from the plane, but the plane crashed into a residential neighborhood, destroying two homes, damaging three homes, and most sadly, killing four residents in one home – Korean immigrant Young Mi Yoon, her two daughters, and her mother; Young Mi Yoon’s husband, Dong Yun Yoon, was at work when the crash occurred.

When you read stories like this, you really come to appreciate what you have. There are many right now suffering from the middle of an economic meltdown, with our life savings melting away or out-of-a-job, but something like this really puts your life in perspective. I cannot even imagine the heartache that Yoon must be feeling: You’re living the American dream one day, and the next, your world literally comes crashing down on everything you’ve be living and working for.

In a press conference today, Yoon expressed thanks to the community for their support and didn’t blame the pilot, knowing that the pilot did everything he could under the circumstances.

Sadly, the sound of jet planes could be heard in the background as Yoon progressed through the press conference, reminding all those in attendance what occurred just the day before. Given everything that has happened to Yoon, he is relatively calm. “I believe my wife and two babies and mother-in-law are in heaven with God, and I know God is taking care of them.” At 8Asians, our thoughts and prayers are with Yoon as he tries to overcome this tragedy.

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