18 Mighty Mountain Warriors Release Video About Thailand; Thais Clearly Unamused

We’ve blogged about the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors before — they’ve recently released a follow-up video to Illegal Immigrants called Thailand about a guy booking a “business trip” to the country with a stigma. Focusing less about racial activism, Thailand has humor geared more towards a, uhm, YouTube-appropriate audience.

But the thing about YouTube is that the website caters to a global audience, not just the small bubble of Asian American sketch comedy fans. And the Thai commenters on YouTube are not pleased:

ikcroe: This video is pathetic. It’s not true! There is NO SEX in THAILAND!

godblessbig: I’m Thai. Everything that you show mean everything that you are,Right? I pity you.

rungkamolk: hhahahahaha, THe only people who finds this video funny are the people who lacks education! and fyi.. we do not use the term third world country anymore… its more like developing country or developed country.

The 18 Mighty Moutain Warriors clearly break one of the clearly established tenets in Asian American activism: YOU CAN’T OPENLY MAKE FUN OF OTHER ASIAN AMERICANS. It’s like black people who secretly know that OJ Simpson did it. (I learned that from watching Barbershop.) What makes this video funnier than the previous video — and it’s much funnier than their previous video — is that he sets it up as how the client clearly wants to disassociate from Thailand being a sex capital of the world, only to be set up for the giant punchline. (And for fans of creepy physical gags, be sure to watch the segment at the 3 minute, 15 second mark.)

(Hat tip: Joz)

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