The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Made Me Sleepy

I have to admit that I was disappointed with the third installment of the Mummy movie, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Yes, I finally got it on Blu-ray and watched it, but it seems like as those Mummy movies progress, they get cheesier and cheesier.

In this one, it’s about this frightening Dragon Emperor (Li) that was to conquer the lands and was cursed by a witch (Yeoh) since he had prevented her love with his general (Russell Wong). The entire story was somewhat reminiscent of The Forbidden Kingdom in which a kid goes through a Chinese fairy tale. What’s funny about both of these movies is the fact that the it probably would have lost the cheese factor a little bit if they had thrown out the bits of the script that involved white people — no offense to Brendan Frasier, but his character was absolutely…. blech. I was more amused by John Hannah (Rick O’Connell’s brother-in-law) than I was with the main characters.

Strangely enough, outside of Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh, every single one of the other main “Asian” actors were mixed. Like Isabella Leong. Absolutely gorgeous, along with the handsome Russell Wong. Even Anthony Wong, which I knew about but it was interesting that so many were mixed Asians.

Personally? The movie just didn’t strike a chord with me. If you want to collect all three, then by all means buy The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. But I would rather be watching the spin-offs like the Scorpion King series.

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