WANTED: Asian GMAT Test Taker

Everyone knows that times can be tough during a recession, but if you’re Asian and you’ve taken the GMAT before (wait, aren’t those two things synonymous?), this could be the perfect job for you.

Ernie — who always likes to look out for fellow 8Asians — forwarded this Craigslist job posting:


Here’s what I want to know: Do you think this person is requesting an Asian person because they’re expected to naturally score higher on the GMAT or is this just some Asian student looking to cheat by assuming that we all DO look alike and can therefore dupe the system? And which one is more offensive?

It’s probably the latter since ID will be provided, but I’m hoping that if enough Asian business students do this, we can pitch this as a sequel to 21, except it would be titled 800. (Get it???)

I already broke the rules by staying far away from any sort of graduate school, so I won’t be responding to this ad anytime soon. But hey, if someone needs an Asian girl to write a blog entry for them, please leave a discreet comment and we’ll talk.

(Hat tip: Dave Kim, via twitter)

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