Kari Ferrell: The New Dragon Lady Arrives

If you’re some skinny emo white dude with an Asian fetish, keep a wary eye out for Kari Ferrell whom the New York Observer wrote up as the “Hipster Grifter” and is currently on Salt Lake City’s Most Wanted Fugitive List.

Who is this cute, tattooed Korean American girl and what the hell did she do? Apparently being an endearing, overtly sexual pathological liar with a pixie haircut and some pretty awesome ink can lead to over five arrest warrants and stealing $3,000 from friends and ex-boyfriends.

Don’t forget you can also get a job with Vice Magazine before they Google your name and realize that you’re a wanted felon (note to self: change names often while committing crimes so employers won’t be able to easily find you).

Here’s what I love about this story: let’s gloss over Ferrell’s personal insecurities, illegal activities and overwhelming mental problems. Let’s talk about how Ferrell can be deemed as the 21st century Dragon Lady — a woman who needs to be more adorable than devastatingly beautiful in order to easily pierce the hearts (and wallets) of those blogging, American Apparel t-shirt with my favorite tight black jeans wearing, Coachella attending hipster boy who I’m sure is totally about to update his Twitter account about the latest Lykke Li tickets he got.

Okay, so I’m generalizing a bit about this white hipster “diaspora” but let’s be honest.

You think dangerous Asian girls are going to seduce these men with a silk kimono and whip? Hell no. It’s 2009, and Ferrell is showing us what today’s Asian girls have: cute haircuts, access to music shows and a pair of Chucks.

And don’t forget the cute tattoos! Though, I’m disappointed that Ferrell decided to get such a huge design on her CHEST, which makes it not only immediately noticeable (hi, you shouldn’t aim for that  if you’re lying your way around the country), but 100% identifiable because now there is no way Ferrell could use her best legal defense yet: not all Asians look alike! Just because she resembles the girl on the Wanted poster doesn’t mean they’re the same person, you racist!

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