Asian American Superheroes Need Help

siA few weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming graphic novel, Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology. The book released on April 15, but you’d be hard pressed to know that if someone didn’t already tell you. According to the editors of the book, many bookstores are declining to carry the book for varying reasons from the economy to confusion about what category the book fits in.

How can you help? The editors are asking everyone who is inclined to help out:

So I’m finding myself having to appeal to the Asian American Community once again in an open letter as I did 6 years ago for “Better Luck Tomorrow” – asking that readers request the book at their local bookstores and/or order copies online through:,,

I’ve already ordered my copy from (I am an internet junkie after all) and am eagerly awaiting it. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow! Spread the word, if you can, and let’s see if we can make Asian American Superheroes something everyone sees in their local bookstore.

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