Hot Docs 2009: Reviews in 88 words or less – Pt.2

The HOT DOCS International Documentary Film Festival kicks off in Toronto this coming Thursday, April 30th and runs till May 10th. I’ve always loved watching documentaries because of the diversity of perspective and opinions on topic ranging from trivial to the provocative and controversial. This year, they shine a spotlight on documentaries made from South Korean documentary filmmakers in a programme called Made In South Korea, so check those out if you get a chance.

This is Part 2 of 3. Part 1 can be found here: Click

– Dir. Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno – FRANCE, UK USA

Outrageous political pranksters, Andy and Mike want to fix the world – a noble yet seemingly impossible task in YES MEN FIX THE WORLD. It’s no surprise the world is built on the foundation of capitalism and greed that skirts from the corporate responsibility of human life. The documentary starts with the 20th anniversary of the world’s most disastrous chemical accident that cost the livelihoods of the people of Bhopal, India. In an elaborate scheme we follow their journey of holding corporate greed responsible for their actions. Funny, entertaining and insightfully filled with hope.

CAT LADIES – Dir. Christie Callan-Jones – Canada

Following the lives for 4 women from varying backgrounds, the documentary tries to breakdown the motivations for their penchant for acquiring cats in CAT LADIES. What started off in an off-beat quirky atmosphere slowly deteriorates as they expose the loss and loneliness mixed with the feeling of unconditional love from their feline companions. It’s also rather heartbreaking to see the ones those who want to break their cycle and those who are delusional in thinking they’re doing the right thing.

WATERLIFE – Dir: Kevin McMahon – Canada
Explore the beauty of the Great Lakes matched with industries toxicity in WATERLIFE. Stories around the shores and ports of the Great Lakes tell us that the water is disappearing. It’s quite unsettling to watch that many little comforts of home are at a cost to water consumption. Not exactly an eye-opener but a good look at what progress has cost nature over time.

Dir: Soam Farahmand – UK
Go on tour for a year with Soulwax as they play a show all over the world that last for about 8 hours starting the electro-punk band Soulwax and ending with its own afterparty spun by 2 Many Djs. For fans of electro dance punk, this is a MUST watch.

BASTION OF SIN – Dir: Thomas Lauterbach – Germany
A theatre director crafts a play from the personal stories of amateur actresses of Turkish descent in BASTION OF SIN. The story focuses on Aymel, a head scarf wearing Muslim woman who has agreed to take part in the director’s project. Her inner conflict with tradition and faith crash against her fellow actor’s free spiritedness. It’s interesting to watch Aymel as she has to come to terms … and ultimately respect and tolerate other’s views, perspectives and values.

And now a word about about their Late Night Screenings where you can catch the screening of SOULWAX.

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