An Asian-American in the Music Business: Interview with Ryan Buendia (Part 2)

In the first part of my interview with Ryan Buendia, we talked mostly about his work as a producer.  In this second part, we discuss his experiences as a DJ, a turntablist, and an artist known as Replay.  We cover such topics as working with the Fingerbangerz crew, making music for the Jabbawockeez, and dealing with the effects of bootlegging and piracy on his work.

How did you get into DJing?
Ryan Buendia: I got into Djing by being around hip hop. I was into all the elements of hip hop, whether it be art, dancing, or rapping. I loved every aspect of it.

What is the last set of work that you put out?

Ryan Buendia: The last mix I put out was this year with my crew the Fingerbangerz.  We made it available for free download at Search for “The Bangerz” Its called the “Music Machine Mixtape.”

Any new plans with the Fingerbangerz?

Ryan Buendia: We’re are working on a new Album. You could find our last album on
I-Tunes titled “VI.R.US” We also been developing a partnership with‘s new website   We have our own channel on
this site, and you could learn more about us on there.

Any other new work coming out?

Ryan Buendia: I have two songs coming out on Kelis‘s new album. One song on Kid
‘s upcoming album. And a song on Downtown Records recording artist
Kid Sister‘s new album. Very excited.

How did you connect with the Jabbawockeez?

Ryan Buendia: The Jabbawockeez have been our (Fingerbangerz) brother crew before
they became famous. We did their music ever since 2003, which ended up
helping to develop their current style of dance.

How does piracy and bootlegging affect you and your sales?

Ryan Buendia: For major label work as a Producer, it affects us a great deal. But
this dayand age, it actually helps out my Dj career. The biggest dj’s
out now became famous through there remixes, which masses of people

Where you have performed in the world?

Ryan Buendia: I’ve performed in Hawaii, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Taiwan,
Philippines, and all over California.

Any kids on the horizon?  I think your parents would like some “apo” (grandchildren).

Ryan Buendia: The only kids I have on the horizon are these three songs on the next
Black Eyed Peas album titled “The E.N.D.” Buy it June 9th 2009, or
better yet, buy the Pre-order of the Deluxe edition on

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