More Asians on the Small Screen for the Fall Season

Ever since I got rid of my cable, my TV intake has decreased drastically, but I still get amusement from the little box and am especially looking forward to all of the wonderful Asians on TV: CBS has the return of The Mentalist with Tim Kang and also has the delight of having Daniel Henney on Three Rivers, which hasn’t premiered yet. Glee — the talk of the town — has Jenna Ushkowitz. Community has funny Doc gone comedic actor  Ken Jeong. And last but not least, ’cause he’s like my favorite, is John Cho on FlashForward.

All of the shows are newbies, The Mentalist being the most senior of the group,  but I’m very excited that writers, casting directors, producers, directors, whoever it was that decided that the small screen needed some Asians on it deserves a high-five or a pat on the back. No, I’m not snubbing Sandra Oh or Daniel Dae Kim; I’m just mentioning the beautiful new Asian faces we get to see on TV, that’s all.

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