Newly Approved iPhone App Allows Looking Up Skirts of Japanese Women

If you’ve been following the latest advertising campaigns for the iPhone, “There’s 75,000 apps for just about anything. Only on the iPhone.” And if you want to see up a Japanese woman’s skirt and see her underwear, yeah, there’s an app for that too.  TechCrunch profiles a newly approved iPhone app, Puff!, where you can blow into the microphone of your iPhone and have the skirt of a Japanese woman go up and see her underwear with your very breath. Or even more freaky, you can also lift a skirt up with the multi-touch iPhone screen. Stay classy, iPhone store.

What is it with the Japanese (okay, and a lot of men around the world) obsession with womens underwear? And as TechCrunch comments, how the hell does the application get approved by Apple? Next thing we’ll know, you’ll have iPhone Apps on How to Date Asian Women.

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