Asians Dominate in Competitive Speed Skating

I’ll admit. I didn’t even know about this guy until some interview or something while I was flipping through channel surfing. I was thinking, dang… that guy has a unique name. Apolo? And he’s going to be at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I think that most people tend to not stray far from figure skating when it comes to that since everything else is a speed driven sport. At least I personally prefer to watch the X-Games over the Winter Olympics most of the time.

Amusingly, if you look the guy up, one of the first search references that comes up after the name is “Apolo Ohno girlfriend”. Guess there are a lot of young women out there finding the guy pretty cute. Another tidbit I picked up was that he won the 2007 “Dancing with the Stars”. Another show that doesn’t interest me since I hate to break it to ya, but Dr. Dreamy is on at the same time.

In any case, this guy’s obviously good at what he does, judging by the amount of medals he has stashed away somewhere. And I just gotta say…. Sea-town in the house!

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