CPAF PSA: YouTube All-Stars “United Against Violence”

The Center for the Pacific Asian Family is a non profit organization that seeks to prevent and end domestic violence within the API community, which has some of the most common cases, but are the least vocal about it. This shouldn’t be happening.

CPAF is now part of a major Chase Community Giving Contest on Facebook, and having soared through the first round, is currently in the running for a $1 million grant. Over 100 members of the API creative community agreed to appear in a series of videos supporting Center for the Pacific Asian Family. Shot by an entirely volunteer crew, they dedicate these videos to the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, their families. Please vote: it only takes a couple of seconds, but with a couple of clicks on a website you probably already use, could bring huge resources for a non-profit benefiting both the Asian American community and victims of domestic violence.

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