Asian American A Capella: Northwestern University’s Treblemakers

By Kristian

Chicago is home to many talented Asian rap artists, dance groups, and acoustic guitar players.  As former resident of the Windy City, I thought I’ve seen all the acts from Asian talents. Northwestern University Treblemakers caught my attention for their diverse repertoire includes styles from vocal jazz, contemporary American pop to hiphop and Asian pop.

This premiere East Asian a cappella group started in Fall 2004 by Christine Liu a Music Composition major. The Treblemakers are Northwestern University’s only a cappella group that specializes in both East Asian and American genres of music. What separates the Treblemakers from the other a cappella groups at Northwestern is their performances in English, Japanese, and Mandarin.

The Treblemakers rendition of “I Don’t Wanna Wait” by Paula Cole is the first video I saw from this talented Asian American a cappela group.  This performance was filmed back in 2008 but it left a big impression on me especially with their soloist Judy Hsu.  Also, this video brought back memories of my huge crush on Katie Holmes.  And yes, I watched Dawson Creek back in the day and I’m not afraid to admit it.  Keep an eye out for this Asian American a cappella group and you can view more their performances on their YouTube Channel.

About Kristian: Kristian is the creator and blogger of Fil-Am Ako.

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