Preorder Stairwells with Kina Grannis

It’s been while since my interview with Kina Grannis, about three years now me thinks, and it’s been a long ride. But the wait is finally over with a fabulous album coming out called “Stairwells” after winning the Interscope contract and then leaving the label later on to become an independent. This album blends the well known voice of Kina with what I couldn’t really describe from the preview songs except for a style kind of like John Mayer. Maybe I’m just crazy but this album is probably one of her most polished yet and is already looking to be a hit.

What’s even more fun about this is that if you pre-order “Stairwells” before February 23rd, you’ll get your copy signed. And apparently she’s been spending many hours signing these babies if that’s any indication of where this album is going already. If you’ve never heard of her music, I would suggest you check out the official music video of Valentine above and entice your eardrums to those lovely vocals and gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar.

Beautiful stuff. Really.

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