TMZ and Ken Jeong Discuss Asian Americans and… Racism

While flipping the channels last week, I caught this video clip by TMZ cornering a very friendly actor Ken Jeong to ask him — for no apparent reason — if Chinese or Koreans are smarter. Proudly wearing his Duke baseball cap, Ken confirms that he is a medical doctor by training (from, of all places, UNC-Chapel Hill). TMZ then goes on a tangent asking if it was racist to think that Asians are empirically smarter, citing their presence at UC Berkeley and their admissions rate. Given past studies, it definitely looks like the televisino show is trying to stretch a brief 30 second clip into something bigger.

Searching for this clip led me to find another one featuring Ken waiting for his parents to arrive at the airport, humorously pointing out the paparazzi who follow him. Who knows if this was taped during the same time, or TMZ just happens to be stalking him.

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