Global Talk Show: East vs. West Perspectives

1, 2 or 3 starting from top of screen to bottom

Most people who follow my antics from POP 88 would know I LOVE watching Global Talk Show, an informal round table of “foreigners” living and working in Korea. Since my last post about this show, it has gone through a controversy which resulted in the entire production crew being fired resigning, added some male eye candy as a result (Poh, rowr!) and seems to have now gone through a format change involving questions relating to differences in perspective.

So here’s the question:
Which Tennis ball is in front?

For some, the question is easier than others, but personally I had to rethink after blurting out that the one at the bottom, no. 3, was in front.

Although the ‘expert’ tried to relate it to Eastern vs Western mentality, the differences in perspectives are quite interesting in their interpretations regardless of citizenship. Many times fellow colleagues are thought of as ‘incompetent’ because of the numerous questions they may ask that seem trivial to their fellow co-workers. Course, just by the example of the first question as to which tennis ball is in front – the differences in interpretation is fairly broad.

I thought it was very interesting around the 12min mark, Christina from Italy who is an International Law Professor, spoke about the difference in how families deal with arguments amongst their kids. They then related back to the Virgina Tech massacre and how Koreans were apologizing on his behalf and why the western world didn’t think the apology was necessary.

If you continue watching the second part the business card exchange amongst different cultures is quite hysterical.

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