Paul Dateh’s Top 40 Violin Mashup

Man, it feels like just yesterday when Paul Dateh was just some random Asian guy that no one has ever heard of YouTube, playing violin to a bunch of hip-hop songs while a DJ spins in the background. Three years and 4.2 million hits later, Paul is back to his classically trained, viral video generating roots, producing a violin mash-up of pop music goodness from the likes of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Usher. The hip-hop MC has been replaced with a beat machine, but the multiple shots of him backing himself up on violin has to be seen to believed. This video also cements the fact that Telephone by Lady Gaga has replaced Rihanna’s Umbrella has the most covered/parodied/OMG-I-GET-IT-PEOPLE-LIKE-THIS-SONG song on YouTube, pretty much ever.

(Hat tip: Laurie)

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