David Choi Gives Birth to Sophomore Album “By My Side”

I admit, before I was even told that David Choi has released By My Side — his second album — I haven’t listened to any of his stuff since he made that cute single with Kina Grannis, My Time With You. But something about his unedited thank you to his fans just draws you in; it’s dorky, but he knows it and comments about it, and you just have to chuckle and keep watching.

What’s interesting is that despite that last video, the guy has a voice. A really dang good voice. Like a “holy motha-, why couldn’t I had been blessed with that” type of voice. No, it’s not a Justin Bieber voice (sorry, David, but I think yours is better.) Don’t believe me? Don’t make your judgment from his thank you video and instead check out his Youtube channel — after watching a few of the videos, I have to say that I’ll probably buy it just because of those great productions.

It also doesn’t hurt to have done quite a few things with production company WongFu either, another one of my West Coast faves. In any case, go grab your copy of By My Side, Out today.

Oh and on the off-chance that you’re still reading this and wondering why I mention giving birth in the title: I direct your attention to his blog post explaining his process in making the album.

h/t: Sam

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