Moye Interviews Daniel Dae Kim for G4’s Attack of the Show: Behind the Scenes of Lost & Hawaii Five-O

Move over Barbara Walters! Take a step back Oprah! Our very own Moye has been landing the big shot interviews recently– with Louis Ozawa Changchien to LOST and the new Hawaii-Five-O’s Daniel Dae Kim.

Check out the video from G4’s ‘Attack of the Show’ where Daniel Dae Kim talks more in depth about his character, Jin Kwon, from LOST, staying in Hawaii for his new series and how the Hawaii Five-O reboot still pays tribute to Hawaiian culture.

I have it on good authority that after the interview ended, DDK asked Moye to run away to Hawaii with him. (No word yet on Moye’s response, but I suspect that her busy interview schedule doesn’t allow for her to run off to Hawaii on a moment’s notice.) Who do you think Moye will interview next? Maybe she’s even taking requests.

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