Meet Grace Kelly, The Korean-American Jazz Musician

My husband came back from a conference in Nashville — the Music City of the South — where he picked up a couple of CDs by Grace Kelly, a young Korean American musician. Although she is in college attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, she is only seventeen (she took her GED and started college when she was 16), and she has five albums out. That’s pretty freaking awesome. I love jazz, and I love seeing a young APA woman kicking ass at it.

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About Mihee

Mihee lives in the Mid-West with her husband, toddler-aged twins (yes, terrible twos is actually a thing), and baby #3. Though her reserve of brain cells is seriously depleted she is still passionate about Asian American culture, religion and social justice for marginalized people, stories about Korea, sports, and power naps. During the day, she spends a lot of time trying to remember which baby needs to eat or get a diaper change, mentoring and ministering to college students, occasionally taking a walk, writing, watching Sportscenter, or grabbing coffee. You can read her blog here.
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