ABC’s True Beauty Contestant Amy Schmoldt

Last night while channel surfing, I came across the second season premiere of ABC’s new reality TV show, True Beauty. The overall premise of the show’s competition is to find a contestant who represents both outer and inner beauty, as secretly judged by Vanessa Minnillo, Carson Kressley and Beth Ostrosky Stern. In typical reality TV fashion, the participants must go through a series of challenges with hidden cameras to catch all of their true “inside” ugliness.

This season, the contestants believe they are competing to be the spokesperson and model for the “Face of Vegas.”  New Jersey’s Amy Schmoldt, who works as a model/bartender,  is the sole Asian American contestant, as described here on her official bio page.

Amy was adopted from Korea as an infant and grew up with Caucasian parents in New Jersey. Although she doesn’t identify with the Asian culture, she describes herself as an “outrageously beautiful Asian girl”. Amy believes that her exotic look and “all American personality” is the perfect combination to appeal to the masses as the Face of Vegas. Amy loves to shop, gossip and look in the mirror. Amy admits that her mouth gets her in trouble and says that her father calls her blonde because she tends to act a little ditzy. Amy is constantly in trouble for giving dirty looks, but she claims it is just the way her face naturally is. She admits to being oblivious to most things around her.

Amy is definitely not your “model minority” –pun intended! Having watched the intro of all the other contestants, the people on True Beauty seem pretty superficial and are probably train wrecks waiting to happen in real life.

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